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Please refer to your copy of the BrowBeat or check the Member Directory to get contact information about these events.

Don't know what some of the abbreviations stand for? Check out our FAQ page to learn more about common acronyms used among Ms.


Every Broward Mensa event is limited to Mensa members and their invited guests. Events marked (PE) are public events not run by Broward Mensa; they are listed solely to inform members of events which may be of interest to them.

Prospective members are requested to make advance reservations for events. Proof of membership may be required at any event. Attendance in private homes is at the option of the host.

The Web Calendar may differ from the BrowBeat Calendar because of updates submitted after the newsletter went to press.

Broward Mensa neither endorses nor recommends any of the listed events.

Those events that start with “TBA” are tentatively scheduled and when they are confirmed all the information will be available on the calendar; the “TBA” will then be removed. Any event that is “TBA” is subject to changing time or date depending on scheduling.

Members Only

As Broward Mensa respects the privacy of its members, individual contact information is withheld by default, and only posted following that person's express permission in our public and members only sections. Phone numbers and physical addresses of private events, such as the home address of a host, can be found in our BrowBeat newsletter, or on the directory page, accessible through the Members Only section of the website.

If needed, please contact the Webmaster, who will promptly address corrections or modifications to posted content, including privacy concerns.

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